Prey release date announced in new trailer

Bethesda announced upcoming sci-fi shooter Prey will launch worldwide on May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The release date was announced in a new gameplay trailer showcasing the games setting, research station Talos I.

In the trailer, protagonist Morgan Yu discusses experiments being done on the Typhon alien race. These aliens have abilities such as shapeshifting and it appears that the experiments have allowed Morgan to copy these abilities. The trailer ominously features a warning from Morgan that they cannot allow the Typhon to reach Earth.

In addition to announcing the release date, Bethesda also announced the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack as a preorder bonus. These tools are designed to give new players a leg up by including three Nueromods (which can be spent to gain new abilities), two medkits, a fabrication kit and resources to create ammo and a unique weapon. They also teased a “unique upgrade that’ll help you preserve your limited resources.”

The original Prey launched in 2006 and was developed by Human Head Studios. Prey 2 was in development, eventually being cancelled in 2014. Prey is being developed by a new team at Arkane Studios, the developer of the Dishonored franchise, and serves as a reboot of the series.